Pure: Camargue is a magical part of south of France where the Rhône River meets the Mediterranean sea.Here is the kingdom of sun, salt, rice, wheat and water. Little rain in summer, long hours of sunlight, frequent winds with the famous Mistral bringing clean fresh weather contribute unmistakably to making our soft winter wheat crop very different from that grown elsewhere.

Free: We believe that our Domaine really belongs to the horses living free around us : they are the symbols of our region and now the symbols of our Vodka. The qualities we attribute to our famous Camargue horses – robust, expressive and high-spirited – describe our Vodka perfectly.

Natural: EKISS Vodka is elaborated with organic winter wheat from our property located in the Rhône Delta.Our terroir is low yield land and gives exceptional intensity and ele-gance to our spirit. We recognize and believe in the green movement due to the incredible and fragile biodiveristy of our beautiful and wild region of the Camargue.


We take great care to respect each step of production from the wheat field to bottle.

Wheat production: The organic soft winter wheat is planted on our Domaine just before winter. Harvest takes place in the first days of July at full maturity. The grains are then threshed and stocked.

Distillation: The wheat mash is five times distilled using a column distillation process which reveals our wheat’s character.

Blending: We use only the purest springwater, totally neutral, crystal clear and transparent in order to assure the delicacy of our Vodka. Each harvest is put on the market the following spring, in a limited number of numbered bottles.


We have been awarded ECOCERT European organic certification for our Vodka due to practicing organic farming methods and organic distillation.